Hand turned drip tips

Hand turned drip tips

Hand turned drip tips

My range of drip tips are hand turned on a wood lathe with hand tools.

Each drip tip is hand crafted and due to the material and free hand method used, no two are the same.

The tips are polished using only water and micro mesh so are free of any chemical polishing products.

The solid 304 stainless steel insert provides a secure fit to any 510 atomiser. 

The solid insert also insures the tip will not suffer from cracking at the weak point when using certain e liquids.


As my tips are all hand turned we only produce a small quantity. I try to upload new tips every weekend.

A few notes on tips types.

Glow in the dark tips are much like the hands on a watch. Charged by natural light to glow in darkness.

Wide bore tips have an insert with an inner diameter of around 7mm. The finished product mouth inner can be from 8mm - 12mm depending on the hand flairing applied. The 510 point narrows where the tip meets the atty. Without this narrow the groves could not be cut for the orings. All 510 fitting wide bore have this narrow. 


Corian tips have a feel like stone but are acrylic. I love this material and will work more with it going forwards. 


Rave tips have a vibrant colour in normal light, under black light they take on a new colour and they charge from natural light and black light to glow in the dark. 


We take pride in our hand made drip tips.


Tips will be added 29th Aug at around 9pm.

Join the new FB group www.gd-tips.uk for full info of stock to be added. 


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